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All massages $25.00 for 30 minutes

We offer treatments for all types of concerns, from simple relaxation to deep tissue massage. Below is a description of massage types along with an intensity rating. Ratings are from 1 to 10, with 10 being the most Intense and 1being the most gentle and relaxing. This is meant as a guide only,to enhance your massage experience with us.



Joint Care

Intense calf and foot workout. Air bags hold tight and STRETCH your calves and feet, some kneading, rolling back work, not too much, very little arm work. Not for the faint of heart! It can hurt your calves and feet, even on low intensity air.

Rating  9-10



Intense, vigorous tapping on your lower back with an air massage focused on your thighs and legs. Intense hand and arm compression with rolling of tissue from shoulders to butt.

Rating 8-9



Fairly intense stretching of calves and back. Airbags grab on to your knees and hold while stretching calves and back. Medium intensity kneading, tapping, rolling compression on your middle back with some kneading of neck and head and not much arm work.

Rating  7 - 8



Medium intensity rolling and tapping from shoulders to lower back. A little rough with the airbags grabbing your knees and stretching your legs.  Nice arm massage with airbags and very nice foot massage if you add the sole rollers.

Rating   6



Nice rolling and tapping all the way from shoulders, down the back, to the buttocks. Best butt massage! Good airbag massage on feet, calves, and arms.

Rating 5


Spine Care

I think this is my favorite; I completely lost track of time and did not want it to end! It has medium intensity rolling, tapping and kneading on shoulders, spine, lower back, and buttocks with some neck and head rolling. Really nice foot, calf, and arm massage with air bags. Super Relaxing!

Rating 5



This massage will focus on your back and spine, using fast ultra kneading and tapping techniques. Good buttocks massage. Lots or allover airbag activity. Very relaxing foot, leg and arm massage.

Rating 4



This massage will focus on your mid-back and upper shoulders with a deep tissue massage using the Shiatsu technique that will create an acupressure effect. Very soothing and relaxing! Gentle rolling and tapping of neck, shoulders, back, spine and buttocks. Gentle to medium compression of feet, calves, hips and arms. Use of sole rollers is also gentle to medium.

Rating 3-4



This massage will slowly move up and down your back with gentle tapping, finishing with a relaxing shoulder massage. Wonderful, beautiful, gentle all over massage. Lots of nice foot and arms massage with airbags.

Rating 3



Very relaxing! Slow rolling and tapping from shoulders to buttock with some neck and head rolling. Nice airbag massage on butt, feet, calves, and arms.

Rating 2-3



This massage will focus on your neck down to the glutes in the beginning and then finish with a soothing rocking motion. Our most gentle massage.

Rating 1



This massage will quickly demonstrate all of the massage features in 5 minutes.

Rating 3-4