Client Testimonials



"After 3 sessions of the Spine Care Massage, my Sciatica disappeared !"


"After many motorcycle accidents and 12 years of martial arts, my body is a wreck. This chair offers me a drug free way to relieve my aches and pains from the damage I’ve done to my body. After just 3 sessions my mobility increased and my pain decreased. I have a nice quiet private room to listen to my music and get away from the stress of the day!! I highly recommend this to everyone who wants to feel better and release the aches, pains and stress without spending a fortune or having to disrobe.""


"I Love these Chairs! Especially the Swedish Massage! It is so relaxing, it almost puts me to sleep!"



"It's like having four massage therapists working on you all at the same time!"


"Absolutely adorable calming space. Definitely the Rolls Royce of chair massages, and I loved the stretching part also! Pam explains the various programs so well and really ensures your comfort/safety. Looking forward to stepping it up next time to the Thai massage. THANK YOU for alleviating the stress of my day."


"This Sh%t's the Bomb"!!"