Waiver & Safety Information

The following persons are strongly recommended against using the Massage Chairs.

Persons prohibited from receiving a massage by a medical physician(for example, those suffering from thrombosis, severe aneurysm, acute varicose veins, various kinds of dermatitis, and skin infection(including inflammation of subcutaneous tissue),etc.

The following persons must consult a medical physician before using this product:

  1. Persons using medical electronic devices embedded in the body such as pacemaker, susceptible to the electromagnetic disturbances.

  2. Persons with malignant tumors

  3. Persons with heart diseases

  4. Persons who are pregnant or those immediately after child birth

  5. Persons who suffer from parenthesis related to peripheral circulatory disturbance due to diabetes, etc.

  6. Persons with wounds on the skin

  7. Persons in need of repose

  8. Persons with body temperature exceeding 100.4 F (when strong acute inflammation symptoms malaise, high blood pressure fluctuations are observed, when debilitated)

  9. Persons who suffer from osteoporosis, spinal column fracture or acute pains

  10. Persons with abnormalities in spine or those whose spine bend

  11. Persons suffering from inflammation such as sprains and muscle strains

  12. Persons with herniated disks

  13. Persons who feel an abnormality on the body not described above

  14. Persons over 300 lbs.


This HOLD HARMLESS AGREEMENT (this “Agreement”)is made by and between Good Vibrations Virtual RealityAdventures and Luxury Chair Massage (hereinafter, ”GOOD VIBRATIONS”) of 2352 S Titanium Pl, Meridian ID 83642 and Client of Good Vibrations Luxury Chair Massage(hereinafter, “CLIENT”).

Whereas, CLIENT desires to use GOOD VIBRATIONS’ property (Luxury Massage Chairs and/or Virtual Reality Equipment)  located at 2352 S Titanium Pl, Meridian ID 83642, and

Whereas, in exchange for making the Property available to CLIENT for such purposes ,CLIENT desires to hold harmless GOOD VIBRATIONS from any claims and/or litigation arising out of CLIENT’s use of the Property.